24th Annual Summer Camp in Bojnice, Slovakia

DATES: JULY 2-12, 2020


The camp has become a tradition in Slovakia and beyond. Campers range in age from 8-17 and it works!  120 campers will join 40+ volunteers and GoodSports Staff.

Baseball occupies the centerpiece of the camp. It's uniqueness in this part of the world makes it an attraction. But baseball is only one part of a broad range of activities. Conversational English (not classroom style learning) is also an attraction for parents and is offered with games and creative projects with an emphasis on fun. 

Other sports include floorball (a form of hockey-ball), basketball, soccer, volleyball, American football and ultimate frisbee. 

The fourth of July culminates in a an outstanding fireworks display  following National Anthems from each country represented at the camp. The day is filled with all sorts of americana from flags, decorations and a variety of interesting clothing items, more fun!

Calling it a camp can be a little misleading. For the kids it's nine days away with old and new friends. For leaders it includes rooms with reasonably comfortable beds, pillows, linens and  rooms with showers. It's camp food which has improved slightly each year so it's not exactly roughing it.

The location is stunning. 2 miles into the hills above a fairytale functioning castle in the tourist town of Bojnice make it extra special. The view at the camp would lead one to believe they were in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains.

If you have interest in either serving at the camp or attending as a camper,  information is available by contacting Tom or Debbie Johnson 

TOM: 612-735-5775 or

DEBBIE: 651-802-6415 or

If we happen to be out of the country  (1/3 of the year) contacting us via email is best.