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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

A lot happened the past two summers. It started June 2018 with a divine encounter that took place with a long-time GoodSports kid. Daniel’s chance meeting us at McDonalds gave him an opportunity to share about his life and the role GoodSports played in helping him get to where he is today. He spoke about reconciling with an absentee father and his faith in God. He asked permission to share his story during the camp. It was another outstanding camp for everyone, and in particular Daniel. He was a Head Coach for the first time and campers voted him one of the top three coaches. He tied with Monika Nagyova for second place behind Kečo. In 2019 Daniel was a Head Coach again. This time campers voted him the top coach, #1, second to none, and by a wide margin. While in 2018 Daniel shared his story with the leaders, in 2019 he shared it with all 160 campers and leaders. Reflecting on the whole experience, the impact of the past two summers has had a profound effect on his young life. Daniel's eyes have opened to a new reality about who God created him to be, and we were blessed to be part of it.

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