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28th English Baseball/Sports
coming July, 2024
Registration begins 12/2023

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GoodSports Slovakia


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We're making a difference

Since 1994, GoodSports has been making a difference in the lives of youth and young families in Slovakia. 


Through physical, educational and inspirational experiences, young people are given options often unavailable elsewhere. For some it means a chance to develop leadership skills while others grow in English proficiency greatly broadening opportunities as they approach adulthood.

GoodSports Center


English Baseball/Sports CAMP
coming in 2024

Because of unforeseen developments with Hlboke campsite in Bojnice, the camp was relocated 20 minutes away in the village of Klačno. We were fortunate they had the dates we needed available and 100+ campers showed up ready to put the school year behind them. The camp was a huge success with a group of 13 North Americans joining volunteers and GS staff. One big difference was having a beautiful soccer (football) pitch adjacent to the campsite. Facilities were comfortable, food was plentiful and very good, which was a nice surprise. We've already booked dates for next years camp. We'll be putting a North American Team together and looking forward to the 28th consecutive year!


Daily Camps
coming again in 2024

The summer included a daily camp for 37 children ages 5-12. GoodSports also partnered with three other organizations to provide summer activities for children in the community. There were fitness camps, tournaments and daily activities at the GS Club and out in nature.


Volunteers are a critical part of what keeps GoodSports actively involved in the lives of young people and families. As fall programming begins with after-school activities, an energetic group of middle-school students are lending a hand. 

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Respect is demonstrated through:
learning that winning is about giving our best effort, not the score.
learning to be truthful and loving in all relationships.
learning to care for the playing field, club room, camp site, the 

Tom Johnson

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9544 Kirkwood Way North, Maple Grove, MN 55369


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About Us

Behind the Scenes

At GoodSports, we see value in everyone. We seek to be a catalyst of positive change for all we serve, beginning with ourselves. Since the rebirth of GoodSports in 2006, we’ve been driven by the same values that initially founded the non-profit organization in 1994: Fun, Learn, Respect, Inspiration.

Our motto: For the Body Sport; For the Spirit Hope

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